Saturday, April 13, 2013


In my last post I mentioned my collection of books and textbooks. Because I feel highly uncomfortable in public places (although I often find myself longing for companionship) and value the written word above most all else, I began building my own library from which I could pull a book from almost any topic - and it is still growing. 

Unfortunately, I share a small room with my sister and thus have little room. I recently rearranged everything so that more would fit, but I am still running out of book space. I am going to need to begin tetris-ing my books soon, which poses an organizational problem. At the moment all of my books are in a very specific order and in specific categories. 

About four shelves are taken up by textbooks, and two shelving units are taken up by Star Trek books. I have a shelf for comic books (and a bin, and a box) and a shelf dedicated to fashion, music, and culture. The remaining shelves are dedicated to literature (three of which hold only the classics).

I also have a lot of DVDs and VHSs,most of which (the ones that are not Star Trek/Doctor Who/Nimoy/Shatner/Kelley related) I keep on a small shelving unit in my closet.

For those who do not have the space or the funds to build their own mini-library, the public library is the most wonderful place on earth. In fact, even I find it to be the most wonderful place on earth - when I actually make it there (which I hope to begin doing soon, but most likely will not be able to because of my anxiety and tourettes).

Everybody should have free access to information - and where the libraries and the internet exist, are accessible, and are allowed, it is free to all.


  1. If you have an iPad, Kindle, PC or similar internet device, you will soon be able to access your library on it, even the magazines. The library in Plano, Tx, which is a suburb of Dallas has their e-library already, and I can only assume that other libraries will follow suite in the future. I think this cloud library is a wonderful and novel idea.

  2. Your library is amazing! I'm jealous!

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

  3. The main character in John Green's 'Looking for Alaska' builds herself a library, just collecting books at random that look interesting so that she always has something to read. I think I has a lot to recommend it. I am always acquiring new books not necessarily with the intention of reading them right away. You have got an amazing collection there.

  4. That's quite the library!

    Just stopping by from the a-z challenge.