Saturday, April 13, 2013


There is a difference between knowledge and intelligence. I strive for both, but I don't feel that intelligence can be measured accurately - and the more that one knows, the more one realizes that they know nothing. Whenever I gain knowledge, I feel like I am actually regressing.

Nevertheless, I continue to study. I finished High School, but I have not yet enrolled in any post-secondary courses. I do have an extensive collection of literature and textbooks, and information is easily accessible to me (an most other humans) at any time thanks to the internet (although it is important when using the internet to compile information from as many sources as possible and to check those sources).

I do a lot of research, and I tend to multitask and have hundreds of tabs and windows open at a time - usually while I am watching a movie, Supernatural, Star Trek, a documentary, etc like so:

Some of my favorite topics to research right now are hydrocephaly, fatal familial insomnia, parasitism, abnormal psychology, Arthur Rimbaud, Dante's Divine Comedy, mythology, entomology, and body modification. I have multiple books on most of these subjects, and use the internet to do additional research on those topics and on those which I do not yet have books for. Libraries are great as well, but I'm not too keen on leaving my room.

I plan on enrolling in some science courses at university next year, assuming that I am able to pay for the classes and books and that I am able to control my anxiety levels.

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  1. I also love researching random topics on the internet, but see the difference as more between knowledge and information, than intelligence.

    Intelligence and determination always seem more juxtaposed to me. In that your intelligence matters less the herder you're willing to work for gaining knowledge. You seem to have the right mindset for that.

    Good luck in starting your courses next year.