Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bleached Eyebrows

In 2009, while browsing the internet, I laid my eyes upon the most beautiful model in the entire world - Ranya Mordanova. I was immediately and emotionally affected by the structure of her face - her hair - her lips - her brows. Everything about her was (and still is) an aesthetic masterpiece. My favorite look of her's is still from 2009, when she walked for Givenchy. It was also the first time I ever saw somebody with dark hair and bleached eyebrows - a striking combination which fell in love with and which I envied.

Years later, I ended up watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in theatres with a friend - Rooney Mara reminded me so much of Ranya with her hair, brows, and facial structure. She was absolutely beautiful as Lisbeth. It was after watching that movie that I finally made the decision to bleach my eyebrows (despite the warnings and lectures I received and read about the risks involved).

bleached eyebrows
From left to right: Ranya Mordanova, Myself, and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth.

The first time I bleached my brows, I almost didn't recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I saw somebody whom I felt was more beautiful, more confident looking. Naturally I have very dark brows, so it was quite a change. Within a couple of months they return to their original color, as hairs are always falling out, and growing. This means I need to bleach them every couple of weeks if I want to keep them looking blonde - but if I leave them for a bit longer then they start looking peppered, which is also interesting.

To bleach my eyebrows, I use Manic Panic Flashlightning 40 Volume. I buy a couple of boxes, and they last me quite a few months because I only mix as much as I need to cover my brows at a time. I then use a small brush (I use a hair clipper cleaning brush) to apply the mixture to my brows, making a "bleach unibrow". I make sure that the mixture is thick enough so that it will not drip into my eyes before applying it. I then leave it on for about five minutes before wiping it off and reapplying where needed, until all of the hairs are blonde. Once my brows are fully bleached, I wipe it off the mixture with a wet white cloth before applying lotion to the areas where the it made contact with my skin.


  1. I've never bleached my eyebrows, I've only ever even plucked them once. I didn't do it again because it hurt. lol

  2. hmmm... you're brave. I'd be so afraid I'd blind myself (but then, I'm chronically clumsy and accident prone). Personally, I like a nice, dark pair of brows. I think a person's eyebrows give them character. Are then full? Bushy? Narrow? Winged? Arched? Straight? My eyebrows are ever so slightly triangular on top :) But, to each their own. There is no denying women in the photos (yourself included :)) are all very pretty!

    Happy blogging!
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  3. I never even thought of bleaching my eyebrows. I honesty don't think they would look horrible with my skin and hair color. LOL.

    Konstanz Silverbow
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